NewTek LVDTs Provide Critical Measurements for Steam Turbines on Valve Position, Shell Expansion and Bearing Vibrations

Pennsauken, NJ, December 20, 2023… Hermetically-sealed linear position sensors from NewTek Sensor Solutions tolerate the high temperatures and vibrations of steam turbines to deliver accurate and reliable position feedback on the position of governor and throttle valves.  Their high measurement accuracy also makes them ideal to monitor turbine shell expansion and   bearing vibrations as part of process control systems.

As power plants must operate to specific control algorithms, NewTek HAR-Series of AC-operated LVDTs can help operators determine when valves are closed or open and to what degree.  Maintaining these algorithms ensure turbines operate efficiently and cost effectively.

Providing feedback on turbine shell expansion, these sensors give operators the measurements needed to determine the thermal growth of steam turbines as the shell expands during startup, operation and shutdown.  These measurements help identify if dimensions exceed expected temperature growth differentials. In addition, when installed on various locations on a steam turbine, the HAR-Series Hermetically-sealed Position Sensors monitor bearing vibration to detect bearing clearance limits that indicate bearing wear.

HAR-Series LVDTs offer contactless measurement in a wide temperature range of -65°F to 275°F.  A high-temperature IP-68 version of this AC-LVDT is available in the HATR-750 Series that tolerates temperature ranges of -65°F to 400°F.  The sensors also feature a radial connector that reduces housing length so units fit into tight spaces.  Both series withstand vibrations of 20g to 2KHz with shock survival of 1000 g, 11ms.

Construction on the LVDTs includes a ¾ inch diameter stainless steel housing with windings potted inside the housing with a two-component epoxy to provide excellent protection against hostile environments. They are available in ranges of ±0.05 inch (1.27mm) to ±10 inches (250mm).


All of NewTek AC-operated LVDTs connect to an NTC-6000 signal conditioner that powers the sensors, reads and converts output to a DC analog signal for input into a meter or data acquisition system.

For more information, visit NewTek website at or contact Mike Marciante at 856-406-6877.   Watch how NewTek LVDTs measure valve position in this video.