Subsea & Marine

Long-Lasting Submersible Position Sensors for Subsea and Marine Applications

NewTek designs and manufactures position sensors to survive indefinitely in corrosive subsea applications.  LVDT technology is often preferred subsea for its long-term reliability to avoid costly and difficult repairs of equipment once installed.  Newtek offers AC, DC, and digital LVDTs in conformance with 20 year life requirements, and constructed with high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloys to ensure continuous operation at depths exceeding 15,000 ft.

For mooring cable measurements, LVDTs measure the strain on the mooring chains keeping ships or platforms stationary.  LVDTs are designed for occasional submersion and with corrosion resistant housing materials to reduce or eliminate the possibility or rust or pitting.  The superior repeatability of an LVDT ensures consistent and accurate strain measurements over a long operational life.

NewTek offers custom position sensors to meet mechanical and electrical requirements.  With flexibility in design concepts, housing material, pressure ratings, and electrical output, NewTek addresses both existing and new requirements.

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Common Applications

  • Subsea Choke Valves

  • ROV and Exploration Equipment

  • Mooring Cable Strain Monitoring

  • Pipeline Monitoring

  • Oil Platforms


  • Inconel / Exotic Material Construction

  • Reliable long term

  • 20+ year life

  • Pressures up to 20,000 psi

  • Corrosion Resistant

Featured Sensors for Subsea & Marine

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P-520 Series

Custom LVDTs

  • 20,000 PSI operating pressure
  • 400° F operating temperature
  • 0.52 inch diameter stainless steel housing
  • Ratiometric output for reduced thermal sensitivity
  • Custom models available

  • Rugged Housings made of Inconel, 316 SS, and other materials
  • Dry-Mate & Wet-Mate connectors
  • Pressures up to 20,000 psi
  • AC, DC, Digital outputs

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