LVDT Accessories

LVDT Core Connecting Rods

Core rod kits are available for all seperate-core NewTek LVDTs and links the measured object to the LVDT core. Coming with all the necessary components, of the core rod kit is quick and simple to install. Made from non-magnetic 300 series stainless steel, core rod kits will provide a sturdy connection to the LVDT core while maintaining the accuracy of the sensor, and are available in a variety of lengths. Core rod kits include the core rod, two jam nuts used to couple the rod to the measured object, and Loctite. NewTek offers guidance on specifying the correct core rod for your application available online, or by contacting our engineers. (more…)

LVDT Cable Assemblies

Pre-made cable assemblies are available in a variety of lengths up to 100 ft for all standard NewTek LVDTs with a connector.  These cable assemblies can be ordered for AC LVDTs, voltage output LVDTs, current output LVDTs, and Hi-Temp (400°F) LVDTs.  The cable assemblies are made with multi-conductor shielded cable with a PVC outer jacket meeting the demands for heavy industrial use. The mating plug is made of heavy duty aluminum alloy and plugs in directly to the LVDT. Cable assemblies terminate with flying leads for simple hookup into a a controller, PLC, or LVDT signal conditioner. (more…)

LVDT Mounting Blocks

Pre-made LVDT mounting blocks allow for simple mounting of the LVDT housing. LVDT mounting blocks are constructed of phenolic and designed so that they will hold the LVDT securely without causing mechanical deformation to the housing. LVDT mounting blocks are available for compatability with Newtek standard size LVDTs. Mounting blocks have several holes that can be used for affixing to a structure and a screw to clamp the LVDT housing within the block. (more…)