Standard and Customized LVDT Position Sensors

News: NewTek Miniature LVDTs Offer Reliable Position Feedback for Monitoring Flight Parameters of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  more…

4-20 mA LVDTs - Standard & Custom

Qwik-Cal™ NTC-6000

AC LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner

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RV Series Rotary Position Sensor


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Extreme Heat - Castings - Ovens - Autoclave
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Hydraulics & Robotics
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Power Generation - Nuclear - Steam - Gas
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Gauging - Factory Automation
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Custom Designs - Aerospace - Oil & Gas - Nuclear
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Industries & Applications

Oil & Gas

Wellbore Case Profiling – Pipeline Monitoring – Cutters & Drill Directions – Seismic Survey Trucks

Power Generation & Energy

Valve Position Sensors – Turbine Case Expansion – Turbine Vibration – Predictive Maintenance – Radiation Hardened

Subsea & Marine

Choke Valve Position – Mooring Cables – Underwater Pipeline Monitoring – ROV Actuators & Fins – Extensometers

Structural Monitoring / R&D

Stain & Creep Measurement – Materials Testing – Expansion Joint Monitoring – Laboratory – Radiation Hardened

Our Technology

LVDT Tutorial

LVDTs are used in the most demanding position sensing applications. Learn how they work and why their benefits are preferred...

NewTek Capabilities Brochure

See a glimpse of our standard LVDT position sensors and custom design capabilities...

Featured Products

NTC-6000 Signal Conditioner

The user-friendly NTC-6000 AC LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner offers reliable DC voltage, current, or digital output for nearly any AC LVDT with advanced  security and reliability features.

GA-750 Gage Head AC LVDT

The NewTek GA Series gage head sensors are spring-loaded AC LVDTs with excellent linearity, high sensitivity and infinite resolution.

GAR-750 Gage Head Right Angle AC LVDT

The NewTek GAR Series gage head sensors are spring-loaded AC LVDTs featuring a radially mounted electrical connection, resulting in a reduced housing length.

HT-1000 Extreme Temperature

The NewTek HT Series AC LVDTs are specially designed for Extreme High Temperature applications demanding the highest levels of reliability in operations up to 1000°F (538°C).