Custom LVDTs

We Make Custom LVDT Position Sensors That Meet Nearly Any Challenge

NewTek designs and manufactures custom position sensors to meet the requirements of nearly every application.? We have an extensive library of custom designs and are always willing to take on new projects.? Our in-house engineering team will work closely with you to offer the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Our custom LVDTs address many kinds of design challenges.? Our most popular designs include custom mounting brackets. specific electrical output requirements, ratiometric (difference / sum) output, customer-specified connectors or cabling, high stroke to length ratios, submersion, corrosion-resistant materials, radiation-hardened, extreme temperature exposure (1000?F), custom signal conditioning, and more.

From Small Modifications

  • Extra Lead Wire

  • Custom Connector

  • Custom Calibrated Range

  • Wire Colors and Insulation Materials

  • Mounting Features or Flange

  • Over-ranging Existing Sensors

  • Custom Pinouts

  • Custom Wetted Materials & Coatings


To Full Developments

  • Custom Coils for Critical Electrical Requirements

  • Long-Stroke LVDTs (In Excess of 20 Inch Range)

  • Dual / Triple Redundancy

  • Corrosive / Caustic Environments

  • High Stroke to Length Ratios

  • Ratiometric (Difference/Sum) for Reduced Temperature Sensitivity


Some of our Custom LVDTs…

Custom Conduit Fitting LVDT

  • Steam Turbine Valve LVDT

  • Rugged Housing

  • 1/2″ NPT Conduit Fitting

High Vibration Custom LVDT

  • Steam Turbine Valve Half-Bridge LVRT

  • Rugged Housing with Mounting Feet

  • Custom Threaded Connector for Resilience Under Vibration

Custom Minature LVDT

  • Miniature LVDT with Custom Cable Exit

  • Custom Mounting Lip

  • High Output Levels

Custom Spring Loaded LVDT

  • Rugged Spring Loaded LVDT

  • Loop-Powered 4-20 mA Output

  • Custom Threaded Connector?

Custom Mounting Feet

  • Steam Turbine Valve Custom LVRT

  • Custom Mounting Feet

  • Custom Threaded Connector for Vibration?Resilience

Custom Size LVDT

  • Compact Design – High Stroke to Length Ratio

  • Used in Isolation Tube Valve Position Monitoring

  • Radial Lead Exit to Fit in Tight Spaces

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