NewTek Spring-Loaded Position Sensors Test Dimensional Stability of Molded Automotive Parts

Pennsauken, NJ, April 20, 2023… NewTek spring-loaded LVDTs provide ultra-precise dimensional measurement of high-volume molded automotive parts in plastic mold testing.   Different interior, exterior, and mechanical automotive parts, such as bumpers, heating components, and door handles, are manufactured through an injection molding process.  To ensure product consistency, quality, and adherence to federal and state standards, the molded parts are tested for defects.


NewTek MBB Series gaging probes are used in test stands to provide roundness and size measurements of finished auto parts to ensure their dimensional stability.  As plastic can shrink or distort, the spring-loaded linear position sensors can help detect units that are out-of-tolerance and provide output for product acceptance or rejection. Detecting defects is important to maintain product quality to ensure fit and function.


Sensors offer excellent linearity (< ± 0.5% full range), great precision, infinite resolution, and extreme reliability with greater than 100 million cycles. Available in ranges ±.040 in (±1.0 mm), ±0.100 in (±2.5 mm), and ±0.200 in (±5 mm), the MBB Series sensors features high precision linear ball bearings for smooth probe movement without stiction and excellent repeatability <0.01% of full range).


With a stainless probe assembly, an 8 mm diameter housing protected to IP-65, and no internal electronics, the electronic gaging probes can perform in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. The output from the LVDT gaging probes connects to any standard LVDT signal conditioner including NewTek’s NTC-6000 signal conditioner.  The signal conditioner provides a variety of outputs including DC voltage, 4 – 20 mA current, and RS-485digital to work with different automated data acquisition systems.


NewTek Gaging LVDT problems are available with threaded sleeves and jam nuts.  All are USA-manufactured, which alleviates logistic delays in product deliveries.  For more information, contact Mike Marciante at 856-406-6877 or refer to