NewTek Hermetically-Sealed AC-LVDTs Offer a Safe Solution for Position Measurement in High-Risk Areas

Pennsauken, NJ, May 17, 2022… NewTek Hermetically-Sealed AC-operated LVDTs enable safe position measurement in high-risk areas to protect operators from harm.  Constructed without internal electronics, AC-operated LVDTs operate reliably in industrial applications with high, low or unpredictable temperature fluctuations, shock, vibration, and chemical, or radiation exposure.  While the AC-operated LVDTs operate in a hostile area, feedback is retrieved by an LVDT Signal Conditioner that converts it to a digital signal for use in a computer or programmable logic controller located in a benign area.


For example, LVDT Position Sensors used in the process control systems of paper mills provide dimensional feedback on the tension arm or roller position to control product thickness. The paper mills pose dangers to operators with larger rollers moving at high speeds, caustic and corrosive fluids splashing in unpredictable places, and temperatures fluctuating at different points in the process.


Legacy mechanical position inductors or dial indicators used for position measurement may require an operator to approach the measured object.  In addition to risking exposure to hazardous conditions, measurements may be hard to access in tight spaces or close to operating machinery. Newtek AC-LVDTs do not require operator intervention as they interface with an LVDT Signal Conditioner that establishes digital communications via an RS-485, two-wire multi-drop bus to provide feedback to a control system or provides a DC analog voltage or current output.


NewTek rugged, hermetically-sealed position sensors operate at high temperatures of 400°F with excellent linearity, high sensitivity, and infinite resolution. Electrical connections made through a radially-mounted connector reduce the length of the AC-operated LVDTs to fit into smaller spaces. Units are available in ranges of ±0.05 inches (1.27mm) to ±10 inches (250mm).


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