NewTek Right-Angle LVDTs Work in Environments with Contaminants and Tight Spaces

Pennsauken, NJ, October 27, 2021…Newtek offers right-angle versions of its LVDT position sensors that provide highly accurate linear displacement feedback in dirty environments containing sawdust, dirt, and grease that can contaminate conventional linear position sensors. These right angle LVDTs offer ongoing reliability amid flying sawdust, chunks of wood, grease, and caustic materials found within the pulp and paper mills, saw mills, wood processing plants, powerplants, metal fabrication machinery, automotive factories, and process control applications.


With a thru-bore construction, right angle LVDTs do not accumulate dirt while offering easier mechanical support and core guidance than blind-bore units.   With openings at both ends, these linear position sensors are easily cleaned of dust, grit, and other contaminants for greater reliability and longer life. An axial LVDT can trap dirt inside the bore that results in performance inaccuracies or premature failure.


Configured with a radially-mounted electrical connector, the right angle LVDT linear position sensors also offer a shortened length to fit into tight spaces as the bending radius of the mating cable does not add to the sensor length.  Units are typically two inches shorter than comparable sensors with axially mounted connectors.


NewTek offers right-angle designs for all sensor configurations including high-temperature/high pressure, hermetically-sealed, and radiation-resistant LVDTs, as well as spring-loaded gage heads in both AC and DC-operated versions.  Other customization options for NewTek LVDT Position Sensors include custom springs, high stroke to length ratios, and coils for electrical requirements.


For more information, refer to the website or contact Mike Marciante at 856-406-6877 to discuss your application requirements.