NewTek Sensor Solutions Offers Loop-Powered 4-20mA Output on All LVDT Position Sensor Designs

Pennsauken, NJ, December 9, 2020… NewTek Sensor Solutions offers loop-powered 4 – 20 mA outputs on its free core, spring-loaded,  hermetically sealed and custom LVDTs in providing a robust measurement signal for integration into a variety of PLCs, digital indicators, computer-based data processors and QC data collection systems.  The 4-20mA Position Sensors meet the requirements of industrial monitoring and feedback applications such as liquid level measurement, robotic automation, manufacturing processes and other industrial automation controls.


As the sensor signaling standard, the 4-20mA current is less sensitive to background noise and reduces voltage drops in analog voltage signals.  As a result, users can run longer cable runs, such as those required in subsea applications, without the effects of EMO or noise on the signal.


Even through power cycles, LVDTs always deliver the true position unlike incremental sensors that must be re-homed after each power down.  The true-position output through power cycles makes the LVDT ideal for long-term measurement applications like structural monitoring or critical measurement applications like a safety valve where errant readings due to loss of power can be very costly.  It also allows the LVDT to be periodically awakened to make an accurate measurement then be put back to sleep where power budgeting is important.

Offering the frictionless operation and superior performance associated with LVDT technology, the 4-20 mA Displacement Sensors offer high resolutions with a standard 0.25% and optional 0.1% maximum non-linearity.  Constructed of TIG welded stainless steel, these DC-operated Linear Position Sensors operate in hostile environments while the loop wiring connects to instrumentation remotely positioned in benign locations.  Hermetically-sealed versions of 4-20 mA LVDTs are capable of withstanding dirt, water, steam and other harsh elements.


NewTek 4-20mA output sensors are designed with built-in surge and polarity protection to guard against voltage spikes and hookup errors. The domestic sensor manufacturer also customizes its 4-20mA Position Sensors with high stroke to length ratios, corrosion-resistant materials, extreme temperature parameters, custom signal conditioning and more to meet the requirements of nearly every application.


Refer to the website at  for more information on NewTek LVDT Position Sensors, or contact Mike Marciante at 856-406-6877 to discuss your application requirements.


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