NewTek Sensors Constructs LVDTs in Different Alloys for Long-Term Reliability in Difficult Environments with Hi Temps/Pressures, Seawater, Radiation, Acids

Pennsauken, NJ, September 24, 2020? NewTek Sensor Solutions offers its LVDT Position Sensors in a range of construction materials to provide highly accurate and reliable position measurement for applications with extreme conditions. In addition to stainless-steel, NewTek uses special alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and Titanium to extend the reliability of its displacement sensors in challenging environments with radiation, seawater, corrosive acids as well as high/low temperatures and pressures. Materials for LVDT construction are chosen for each individual application based on parameters such as corrosion, pressure, and magnetic properties across the operating temperature range.


For example, as seawater applications demand long-term sensor reliability as hardware replacement and maintenance are expensive and time-consuming, NewTek constructs the assembly of its position sensors from either Titanium, Inconel or Hastelloy when units are fully exposed to seawater.? The higher content of nickel, chromium and molybdenum in these alloys extend the sensor?s chemical resistance to seawater in depths to 10000 ft or more and with external pressures of ~5000psi.


LVDTs operating in shallow or warm waters with high levels of oxygen can be constructed of Monel 400, a special nickel-based alloy that provides greater resistance against pitting caused by oxidation and attacks by microorganisms. A thick diameter sensor housing using this special alloy avoids corrosion for long-term operation.


Addressing applications with high temperatures and extreme pressures, NewTek constructs LVDTs with Inconel 718 that ensure reliable operation in temperatures up to 400?F (204?C) and pressures to 20,000 psi (1380 bar).? For even higher temperature environments found in power generation and engine control systems, NewTek offers its LVDTs with ceramics and special core materials to meet temperature requirements up to 1000?F (538?C).


When LVDTs are used in nuclear power plants, aircraft, submarines and other applications with radiation exposure, NewTek uses radiation-tolerant and hardened materials and eliminates PTFE from its construction materials so sensors operate continuously without failure or decay.


For sensors custom designed with special alloys, the company accepts small- to large-sized orders and manufactures prototypes to spec.? All products are USA-manufactured.? For more information, visit or contact manufacturing at ?856-406-6877 or

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