NewTek HATR Series of Hermetically-Sealed LVDTs Offer High Tolerance to Temperatures, Vibration and Debris Present in Pulp and Paper Mills

Pennsauken, NJ, June 24, 2020? The HATR Series of Hermetically-Sealed AC-LVDTs from NewTek Sensors are temperature, vibration and debris tolerant to serve in a variety of inline position measurement applications in the harsh and often caustic conditions of pulp and paper mills.? For example, the sensors serve in process control systems to provide dimensional feedback on tensioning arm position and roller location to control paper thickness.

Featuring a welded ?? hermetically-sealed housing, the position sensors are resistant to debris, fluids and caustic materials and operate at high temperatures of 400?F. NewTek can customize the LVDTs with high-temperature materials and special packaging to operate in working temperatures from ?200?F to 528?F.

The sensor windings are potted inside the housing with a two-component epoxy, providing excellent protection against hostile environments.? The LVDTs also withstand high shock and vibrations associated with the cutting and dropping logs into carriers within the sawmills to last for decades.

A thru-bore construction prevents debris, resulting from flying sawdust, from blocking the path of the sensor core for consistent accurate performance. With electrical connections made through a radially mounted connector, the AC-operated LVDTs offer a reduced housing length to fit into smaller spaces. Units are available in ranges of ?0.05 inch (1.27mm) to ?10 inches (250mm). Possessing excellent linearity of <0.25% of full range and repeatability of <0.01% of full range, the HATR Series LVDTs ensure consistent thickness of end product during process operations.

As AC-operated linear position sensors, the HATR Series are not limited by internal electronics that can fail in extreme environments.? Units interface with the NewTek NTC-6000 LVDT Signal Conditioner that establishes analog or digital communications via a RS-485 two-wire multidrop bus to address the needs of today?s process control systems.??? The LVDT Signal Conditioner offers an intuitive AC LVDT set-up for quick configuration by non-technical personnel as well as a cybersecurity lockout and tamper detection.

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