USA Manufacturer of Position Sensors Serves Immediate Needs of Essential Manufacturers with Supply Chain Issues

Pennsauken, NJ, April 9, 2019? As many essential industrial companies experience disruptions with the global supply chain, NewTek Sensor Solutions serves as a USA manufacturing source of LVDT position sensors that can meet the immediate requirements of businesses in the chemical and power generation, food & beverage, medical, energy and other industries.? According to an Institute for Supply Management survey, nearly 75% of US companies have experienced supply chain disruptions due to virus-related transportation restrictions.

As a small business, NewTek Sensor Solutions remains flexible in stocking a surplus of subcomponents and finished goods in its U.S. site to quickly respond to customer needs for new and replacement LVDT position sensors.? For example, NewTek LVDTs are available as replacement units for turbines in power plants for accurate valve position measurement.


Goods are shipped domestically and do not have the delays associated with sensor suppliers with overseas manufacturing facilities. As many businesses are taking supply chain impact assessments to identify weak points in the supply chain, NewTek can serve as a domestic sensor supplier that ensures business continuity in the face of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus or other disruptions.

NewTek LVDT Position Sensors provide critical dimensional measurement for different applications in the air, on the ground and under the sea. ?The sensor company offers a range of LVDT configurations:

  • AC- and DC-operated Linear and Rotary Position Sensors
  • Miniature LVDTs
  • Nuclear LVDTs
  • High-precision gaging probes
  • Hermetically-sealed LVDTs
  • Radiation-resistant LVDTs
  • High Pressure LVDTs
  • Extreme temperature LVDTs
  • Signal conditioners


To ensure the proper fit and seamless integration of its LVDT Position Sensors into new or existing applications, NewTek Sensor Solutions offers an online 3-D model library that helps OEMs and end-users to optimize layouts for different sensing systems.? The company remains open to serve essential companies with uninterrupted services.? For more information on NewTek Sensors products, visit or contact manufacturing at ?856-406-6877 or .

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