NewTek Sensor Solutions Offers a 3-Model Library of LVDT Position Sensors for Easier Integration into Sensing Systems

Pennsauken, NJ, January 14, 2019?NewTek Sensor Solutions now offers a 3-D model library of its LVDT position sensors to ensure their proper fit and seamless integration into a new or existing applications.??? Offered in .stp (STEP) and .igs (IGES) formats for near universal acceptance in CAD programs, the 3-D models help OEMS and end-users visualize space requirements for position sensors to optimize layouts for different sensing systems.? The models also help engineers choose the right LVDT as replacements for existing sensors.

As the use of 3-models becomes more popular with systems and even plants depicted and designed in 3-D CAD, designers can directly insert NewTek LVDT models into their digital systems prior to purchasing them.? NewTek offers 3-D models for a range of its Position Sensors including:

????????? Miniature AC-operated LVDTs

????????? High Temperature (200?C) AC-LVDT

????????? Hermetically-sealed Right Angle AC-LVDT

????????? Spring-loaded AC-operated LVDTs

To download 3-D models on NewTek range of LVDT Position Sensors visit For more information and specifications on NewTek LVDTs, visit

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