NewTek’s Mike Marciante Featured in Fluid Power Journal – Discusses How LVDTs Enable the Next Generation of Hydraulics & Robotics in Harsh Environments

October 2019 ? Featured in this month’s Fluid Power Journal, Mike Marciante of NewTek Sensor Solutions discusses how LVDT position sensor technology is being used in the next generation of hydaulics & robotics – particularly in harsh & extreme environments.? Often facing extreme temperature, pressure, shock, and vibration, LVDTs have been a proven robust and reliable tool for measuring the position of hydraulic actuators used in oil & gas exploration far below the surface.? In robotics, LVDTs deliver position feedback for actuators in hot radiation zones here in earth and in space.? ? Marciante discusses design considerations for these LVDT sensors and how new materials and design techniques are helping engineers address future requirements taking LVDTs deeper below the surface, higher above the sky, and more extreme places.

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