NewTek Vented Miniature Linear Position Sensors Operate Reliably in High Temp, High Pressure Environments of Hydraulic & Material Testing Systems

Pennsauken, NJ, February 21, 2019? The operating environments of many hydraulic and materials testing systems require linear position sensors that operate reliably under continuous high pressures and temperatures while fitting into restrictive spaces.? NewTek Sensor Solutions offers vented versions of its M-375 Miniature LVDT Linear Position Sensors specially designed to provide the highest level of reliability and accuracy under a combination of high pressure, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration conditions.

Offering a lightweight, low mass core and a compact 3/8? diameter, these miniature AC-operated position sensors are ideal for high response dynamic measurement required in hydraulic and material testing systems where space is at a premium. With vented holes in the housing, the M-375 position sensors equalize pressure inside and outside the LVDT linear position sensor to operate reliably in temperature extremes of -65?F to +400?F (-54?C to +204?C) and operating pressures of 30,000 psi.? ?As vented holes expose the coils inside the sensor, any fluid to which the LVDT is exposed must be electrically non-conductive and chemically benign, which is a very common trait among hydraulic fluids and oils.

The NewTek M-375 Series transducers are available in ranges from ? 0.025 inch (? 0.63 mm) to ? 1.0 inch (?25 mm) and operate at a linearity of ?0.15% of Full Range Typical (0.25% max).?? For more information, visit or contact Mike Marciante at 856-406-6877.

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