N-188 Series

The NewTek N-188 series sub-miniature AC LVDT delivers high quality position measurements in locations where space is limited.  It has a 0.188 inch (4.77 mm) diameter housing and available in several measuring ranges with customization options available. The sub-miniature size brings all the benefits of LVDT measurement technology such as infinite resolution, superior repeatability and hysteresis, and operation across wide temperature and pressure ranges to applications with tight space restrictions.

The NewTek N-188 LVDT is a result of manufacturing processes and techniques formed by many years of experience making LVDT position sensors delivering a repeatable sensor held to strict quality standards.

The N-188 sub-miniature LVDT is ideal to deliver position feedback in laboratory equipment, robotics, drones and unmanned air craft, and medical equipment.  It can operate with most differential LVDT signal conditioners.

Input Voltage:                       1 Vrms (Nominal)
Input Frequency:                   2.5 kHz to 10 kHz
Linearity:                                < ± 0.25% Full Range Typical
Hysteresis:                             <0.01% of Full Range Typical
Repeatability:                        <0.01% of Full Range Typical

Operating Temperature:          -65° F to 275° F (-55° C to 135° C)
Thermal Coefficient:                <-0.01%/°F (< -0.02%/°C) of Full Range
Humidity:                                  90% R.H., 240 Hours
Shock Survival:                         1000 g, 11 ms
Vibration:                                  20 g to 2 KHz

Housing:               Corrosion-resistant nickel-iron alloy
Core:                     Hi-permeability nickel-iron alloy
Magnet Wire:       Film insulated copper
Lead Wires:          #32 AWG Teflon insulated, 12″; long


  • Rugged 0.188″ housing
  • Measurement ranges from ± 0.01 to ± 0.20 inches
  • Linearity ±0.25% of Full Range Typical
  • Shock and vibration tolerant
  • Wide operating temperature range (-65°F to 275°F)
  • Standard and custom models available


  • Robotics Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Mini-Solenoid
  • Lab Equipment
  • Hydraulics

How to Order

For dimension information, specifications, and application support, please call the factory at 1 (856) 406-6877 or contact us!

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