Gage Head

GA-750 Series

The NewTek GA Series gage head sensors are spring-loaded AC LVDTs with excellent linearity, high sensitivity and infinite resolution. Construction consists of stainless steel probe assembly and 0.750 inch diameter hermetically sealed housing. Designed for a wide range of position measurement and dimensional gaging applications, they are available in ranges of ±0.50 inch (1.27mm) to ±2 inches (50mm). The GA Series windings are potted inside its housing with a 2 component epoxy, providing excellent protection against hostile environments.

Input Voltage:                        3 Vrms (Nominal)
Input Frequency:                   400Hz to 10KHz
Linearity:                                 < ± 0.15% Full Range Typical
Null Voltage:                           0.5% Full Range
Hysteresis:                              <0.01% of Full Range Typical
Repeatability:                         <0.01% of Full Range Typical

Operating Temperature:     -65° F to 275° F (-55° C to 135° C)
Thermal Coefficient:            <-0.01%/°F (< -0.02%/°C) of Full Range
Humidity:                                90% R.H., 240 Hours
Shock Survival:                      1000 g, 11 ms
Vibration:                                20 g to 2 KHz

Housing:             Corrosion-resistant nickel-iron alloy
Core:                   Hi-permeability nickel-iron alloy
Magnet Wire:     Film insulated copper
Connector:         PT02A-10- 6P
Probe:                AGD #9 contact tip


  • Spring loaded probe
  • Welded 3/4 inch hermetically sealed steel housing
  • Measurement ranges from ± 0.05 to ± 2 inches
  • Linearity ±0.15% of Full Range Typical
  • Shock and vibration tolerant
  • Wide operating temperature range (-65°F to 275°F)
  • Choice of probe contact tips
  • Standard and custom models available


  • Dimensional Gaging
  • Factory Automation
  • Materials Testing
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Automotive Testing


Dimensions & Wiring



NewTek products are warrantied against defective materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser. NewTek accepts no liability for damages in the misuse of our products.

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