High Pressure

P-520 Series

The NewTek P Series AC LVDTs are specially designed for Extreme High-Pressure applications demanding the highest levels of reliability while performing in the rugged environments required for deep sub-sea applications. These transducers are constructed of special High-Pressure materials, allowing operation at pressure up to 20,000 psi. The P Series High-Pressure and Seawater Resistant LVDT Position Sensors offer extraordinary performance, regardless of offsets due to pressure and/or temperature. These P Series are available ± 0.900 inch (±22.86 mm) and offer high sensitivity, high resolution and excellent linearity.

Nominal Range (inches):                    ±0.90
Nominal Range (mm):                         ± 22.86
Sensitivity (mV/V/.001 Inch):             0.468 (Ratiometric)
Sensitivity (mV/V/mm):                     10.4 (Ratiometric)
Primary Impedance ( Ω ):                   200
Input Voltage:                                       3 Vrms (Nominal)
Input Frequency:                                  400Hz to 10KHz
Linearity:                                               < ± 0.15% Full Range Typical
Extended Operating Range:               1.5 X Linear Range
Null Voltage:                                         0.5% Full Range
Hysteresis:                                           <0.01% of Full Range Typical
Repeatability:                                       <0.01% of Full Range Typical
Body Weight (grams):                          105
Core Weight (grams):                           42

Operating Temperature:        -65° F to 400° F (-55° C to 204° C)
Thermal Coefficient:              <-0.01%/◦F (< -0.02%/◦C) of Full Range
Humidity:                                    90% R.H., 240 Hours
Shock Survival:                          1000 g, 11 ms
Vibration:                                   20 g to 2 KHz

Housing:             Corrosion-resistant nickel-iron alloy
Core:                   Hi-permeability nickel-iron alloy
Coil Form:           Ceramic/Plastic
Magnet Wire:     Film insulated copper
Connector:         IMPULSE IEE55-1206- BCR w/VITON O-RING


  • 20,000 PSI operating pressure
  • 400° F operating temperature
  • 0.52 inch diameter stainless steel housing
  • Ratiometric output for reduced thermal sensitivity
  • Standard and custom models available


  • Deep Subsea Applications
  • Hydraulic Actuators
  • Extreme High Pressure Applications
  • Pressure Test Vessels

Dimensions & Wiring



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