LVDT Cable Assemblies

NewTek’s line cable assemblies connect LVDTs to associated electronics, signal conditioning, and PLCs.? Factory made to plug directly into the LVDTs connector, these assemblies are made of heavy duty industrial shielded cable and make LVDT installation simple and quick.? Cable assemblies have standard lengths from 6 ft to 100 ft in increments of 10 ft.? Each assembly is made of rugged Belden 8786 cable, suitable for heavy industrial use.? One one end of the cable assembly is the mating plug with a rugged shell.? The cable terminates with flying leads that can be easily connected to a PLC, signal processing equipment, or an LVDT signal conditioner.

Need help?? NewTek engineering can assist in selecting the best cable assembly for a given application.

Cable Assembly Compatibility Available Lengths "L" (ft) Red Yel Grn Blk Wht Blu
CA-A All NewTek AC LVDTs From 6 ft to 100 ft Output Hi Pin A Tie w/ Grn Pin B Tie w/ Yel Pin C Output Lo Pin D Input Lo Pin E Input Hi Pin F
CA-D All NewTek DC Voltage Output (0 - 10 VDC) LVDTs From 6 ft to 100 ft 24 VDC Pin E Output Pin A Common Pin D NC NC NC
CA-I All NewTek DC Current (4-20 mA) Output LVDTs From 6 ft to 100 ft Loop (+) Pin E NC NC Loop (-) Pin F Case GND Pin C NC

Ordering Information

CA – X – LLL

CA – Cable Assembly

X – NewTek LVDT Type (See diagram)

LLL – Cable Length (ft)

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