NewTek Customizes High-Temp Displacement Sensor for Materials Testing in Extreme Environments with High Pressures and Cryogenic Temps

Pennsauken, NJ, January 20, 2022… NewTek offers a customized version of its High Temperature LVDT Position Sensor for material testing in environments with extreme pressures and high/low cryogenic temperatures. Configured to operate in temperatures exceeding 1000°F (538°C), the NT-HT-1000 Linear Displacement Sensor is used for materials testing in autoclaves and material deformation testing in labs and nuclear applications.


Available in configurations from ± 0.100 inch (± 2.54 mm) to ± 1.0 inch (±25.4 mm), the linear position sensor has a 3000 psi (207 bar) pressure rating.  Units offers high sensitivity, high resolution and excellent linearity of +0.5% of full range in the most rugged environments.


Constructed of special high-temperature materials, the customized AC-operated LVDT features a 1” diameter stainless-steel housing that protects coils from hostile media.  A through-bore design gives access to ends of the unit’s core for better mechanical support, core guidance and cleaning.  Units provide a ratiometric output for reduced thermal error and stability over changing temperatures.


As with its standard High Temperature LVDTs, NewTek’s customized versions are compatible with the NTC-6000 DS Ratiometric LVDT Signal Conditioner that provides a voltage, 4-20 mA current, or RS-485 digital output for the AC-LVDT. This smart signal conditioner self-diagnoses for LVDT failure, disconnects, or short circuits and offers cybersecurity lockout and tamper detection to protect against hacks.


NewTek offers custom designs on most of its standard units such as HT-1000 LVDT Position Sensors.  For more information, contact Mike Marciante at 856-406-6877 or visit the website at